Thursday, September 23, 2010

Najib and Musa Aman's CASINO Plan

Sabah's PKR Director of Communications Ronnie Klassen has demanded the Chief Minister of SabahDatuk Musa Aman to come clean and explain the purported plans that a CASINO is on the cards in Prime Minister's Najib Tun Razak "Economic Transformation Plans(ETP)"

Musa Aman must explain to Malaysians in Sabah, "has the State Government of Sabah given the APPROVAL for the go-ahead of a Casino?". If Musa Aman has given the nod for this Casino,when and why was it approved?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dr M wants traders jailed under ISA

Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad has warned Prime Minister Najib Razak against allowing the ringgit to be traded offshore, saying that currency traders should instead be locked up and jailed under the country’s draconian Internal Security Act that allows indefinite detention without trial.

“We must be careful and do proper review. US$4 billion is traded each day. What is the benefit to us, we do not see any prosperity from this trading. It does not boost our trade or our businesses. These people should be locked under the ISA. They are the ones responsible for the financial crisis,” Mahathir told reporters during his Hari Raya open house on Sunday.

Najib plays to the gallery