Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's stick to facts in the Altantuya-murder and subs deal

These are the INDISPUTABLE facts as we know them. So let's stick to them, i.e. the FACTS.
1. Sometime after 2000 when Najib Tun Razak (now Prime Minister) was re-appointed Defence Minister, the Malaysian Government/Ministry of Defence awarded a contract for the purchase of 2 Scorpene Class Submarines to French DCNS naval shipbuilders, through Armaris in partnership with Navantia of Spain, both state owned companies.
2. The cost of the contract which has now been fulfilled, is estimated at RM6.7 billion (exchange rate 1 Euro=RM5) as follows:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What was the RM400 million spent on?

Corrupt Barisan Nasional - By Mariam Mokhtar
Deputy Tourism Minister Dr James Dawos Mamit told the Dewan Negara that between 2008 and 2010, Malaysia spent RM400 million on advertising to promote the tourism industry.
In 2008, he said, there were 22,052,488 foreign tourist arrivals, and the number increased by 7.2 per cent to 23,646,191, the following year.
“The number of tourist arrivals to Malaysia continued to increase by 3.9 per cent to 24,577,196 last year”.
James said that the impact of the advertising campaign was visible in the increase in the number of foreign tourist arrivals to the country.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BN Promises – Nothing But Bounced Cheques!

Kuching Anak Moyan (left), the headman who admits
he took a RM10,000 bribe to make his community vote
BN from Member of State Parliament Joseph Mauh

BN’s Joseph Mauh has been caught red-handed on a double election cheat.  He not only promised a poor Headman RM 10,000 to gain his vote, but then the cheque bounced!
In this way Mauh cheated his constituents twice.  Firstly he cheated them of their right to a free vote by bribing the Headman, which is an exceedingly serious crime.  Secondly, he didn’t even carry out his promised payment to a poor community.

Thief Minister Stole Election !

Corrupt Barisan Nasional
A tiny cabal, like thieves in the night, hijacked the machinery of the state and denied the will of the people in Sarawak at the weekend.
Like the perpetrators of a palace coup, a handful of family members, bomoh’s and loyalists mounted an outrageous and blatant rigging of the count.  Then, immediately, in an unprecedented act at 10.30pm at night, before even the last votes were counted, they bundled the old Chief Minister into the governor’s office to be sworn back in before the matter could be contested.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wikileaks add to suspicion M'sia involved in illegal arms sales to Iran

Wikileaks add to suspicion M'sia involved in illegal arms sales to Iran
Corrupt Barisan Nasional - Mariam Mokhtar l WikiLeaks

Three leaked Wikileaks cables expressed the US government’s displeasure and disgust with its Malaysian counterpart over the latter’s inaction when two missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) jet engines disappeared.
Is the Malaysian government involved in selling arms to Iran, in contravention of a UN-sponsored arms embargo? Did Malaysia use Uruguay as a transit point? Where is the intended final destination of the missing jet engines?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Taib has also protected himself well by feeding any number of his lobbyists in Putrajaya.

Corrupt Barisan Nasional l Joe Fernandez
Politics in Sarawak is coming apart at the seams, again, after decades of being cast in a predictable mould.The signs are all there in the wake of the just-concluded state election.
There was a tragi-comical turn of events on Saturday night when Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, 75, virtually forced the 85-year-old governor Luis Barieng Muhammad Salahuddin, a Muslim convert who has been in office for the second time since 2001, out of bed at 10.30pm and had himself hastily sworn in as chief minister for an unprecedented eight time. Barieng, a Melanau, is related to Taib.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Heck Of A Year…

As the small team at Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak look back at our work over the past year, we feel that one way we can assess our impact is through the reaction we have provoked.
Massive and unprecedented Cyber-attacks!  Dozens of rival websites! Legal threats! US PR companies hired to write articles against us and then today a last desperate jamming attempt to knock our radio show off the air.  What better confirmation could we have asked for that our work has had an effect?

Perak MB in the dark over MACC probe on exco

Zambry Abdul Kadir claims that he is not aware of allegations that the MACC has investigated a senior Perak exco member for graft.Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir today claimed that he was not aware of allegations that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had investigated a senior Perak exco member for corruption.
Zambry said since the MACC had not notified him, he had no information of such an investigation.
“I cannot comment because the matter was not brought to my attention by MACC.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Taib’s Ten Income Streams

Corrupt Barisan Nasional - Recently we spoke to one of Taib’s key business partners in strict confidence. He explained to us what he described as the 10 main income streams that have turned the Chief Minister into a multi-billionaire over the past 30 years. In the process he gave us a fascinating insight into the business practices of Abdul Taib Mahmud.
They all involve the abuse of power, corruption and the exploitation of the people and environment of Sarawak. Our interviewee, who has done years of business with the Mahmud family, told us he believes that Taib is probably the richest man in South East Asia, having cashed in the Sarawak Rainforest.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bakun Dam ‘Unsafe’! – Exclusive Evidence on Corner-Cutting and Sloppy Construction Practices

Watering down the concrete!
Construction phase in 2009.

Corrupt Barisan Nasional - Devastating information has come into the hands of Sarawak Report, which throws terrifying doubt over the safety of the Bakun Dam!
Inside information, which includes documents, photographs and videos, has been passed over to us by former a Quality Controller, who says concerns about sloppy procedures and cost-cutting measures were ignored by the bosses at Sinohydro.
Our information is that this forbidden practice was endemic on the project and that poor quality control procedures allowed it to happen.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vote tampering caught on video?

KUCHING: DAP has lodged a police report over a video clip purportedly showing an incident of postal vote tampering that took place in Sibu this afternoon.
A DAP election worker who was at the Sibu police headquarters confirmed that the DAP polling agent who filmed the incident was giving his statement at 5.30pm.
The clip, released earlier today showed four women handing over what looked like ballot papers to a bespectacled man in Wisma Sanyan.

Taib, why are you so apologetic?

Corrupt Barisan Nasional -Come on, Taib you are the Chief Minister of Sarawak, a VVIP and you do not answer to no one. So, why are you embarrassing yourself, telling Sarawakians in such crucial trying times that you intend to leave? Sarawak needs you more than ever. Don’t believe the Opposition lies. At least half of Sarawak wants you stay. The election results will show that your presence is very welcome in your own home state.
Why must you go? Who says Sarawakians don’t want you around?. Why do you keep on believing the Opposition lies? If you do believe them, then it couldn’t be a lie, could it?
Why is Najib so apologetic to Sarawakians on your behalf? Why is he telling Sarawakians that you have a succession plan? Don’t you want to stay on and rule the state till Kingdom come? He has no right to speak on your behalf. It makes us all feel jittery of the future. If you intend to go, then it makes no sense for Sarawakians to keep BN in power!

Bomoh Stella is Robert Geneid’s Cousin – Exclusive on Mahmud Family Crisis!

"Whoever controls the Bomoh
controls the Chief Minister",
according to family members.
Stella is Robert's cousin.

Corrupt Barisan Nasional -The once feared White Haired Rajah of Sarawak has lost his mental grasp and is under the control of his greedy brother-in-law, the Lebanese Australian Robert Geneid.
Geneid manipulates Taib through his blond, botoxed Bomoh, Stella, who caused a sensation when she appeared at the Chief Minister’s nomination last week.  She is none other than Geneid’s own cousin!
These extraordinary revelations have been passed to Sarawak Report from right within the Mahmud family’s inner sanctum.  Years of concern, seething rivalry and jealousies surrounding the manipulations of Geneid, the husband of Taib’s younger sister Raziah, have suddenly broken to the surface under the stress of the election campaign.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Wowing the crowd? George Chan in his own constituency!

A picture speaks a thousand words so we offer our readers a bit of a rest by posting one of George Chan addressing a BN rally last night in Miri, which is his constituency.  We invite you to contrast it with our featured picture of the rally half an hour later just a few yards away for PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Less corruption means more investments

ramon navaratnam
KUALA LUMPUR: Community leader and social commentator Ramon Navaratnam says the bold initiatives of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will invariably improve the Corruption Perception Index, which will eventually have a positive effect on investments into the country.
“All potential investors look at the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) and there is no reason why they would want to put their money into a country that is more corrupted than the other.
“With Malaysia’s CPI set to improve through the initiatives of the MACC, the country can expect more investments as governance is an important pre-determinant before an investor decides to invest in a country,” said Navaratnam, who is also the Sunway Group’s Corporate adviser.

Six MACC officers under probe

KUALA LUMPUR: City police chief Zulkifli Abdullah said today six MACC officers have been hauled up over the death of Selangor Customs department assistant director, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed.
He said that all six have been questioned over the director’s death from a fall at the MACC office here two days ago, but refused to divulge details regarding ongoing investigations.
Zulkifli said that although a post-mortem on Ahmad Sarbani was conducted yesterday, the full report would only be available once the lab reports are in.


The Old Bintulu Airport now occupies a
prime space in the centre of the town.

Businessmen in Bintulu have been eying the opportunity of acquiring the vast area of the Central District occupied by the old airport. 
This is public land, of course, and so its disposal comes under the control of the Chief Minster, because (outrageously) he is also the Planning and Resources Minister and Finance Minister and the man who dominates his home district of Bintulu.
Under an honest administration this valuable land would be auctioned openly and conditions would be attached to benefit the wider community.  Such rules would not deter plenty of businesses that would be happy to make a go of improving the centre of their town.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MACC must shoulder responsibility for its own bad image

MACC must shoulder responsibility for its own bad image
Written by  Mariam Mokhtar l Corrupt Barisan Nasional
In the wake of the latest controversy involving the suspicious death of a Customs officer found dead at one of its premises, it is timely to take a good look at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
In July 2010, the MACC operation review panel said that the media should “protect” the anti-graft body in order to encourage foreign direct investment into the country.
During a press conference at the Malaysian Anti Corruption Academy (MACA), Aminah Pit Abd Raman said the press had been unfair in its coverage of the MACC: “We are talking about image. This is the country that we love, you are the press. You can write one negative article that will effect investment for an example but you can also highlight the positive things.”


Sulaiman – denying death thanks to modern treatment
available in the UK but not Malaysia.

It has been widespread gossip in Sarawak for well over a year.  Now close family members have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the Chief Minister’s younger son, Rahman Sulaiman, is suffering from the disease AIDS.
Like all right-minded people we sympathise with him and his family.  No decent person these days would regard this widespread affliction as a stigma and many people from all walks of life are fighting the condition.
Indeed, the good news is that at last modern science is getting on top of the virus and, given the right treatment, sufferers can lead a normal life without fear of an early death. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Lying or just forgetful about the odd billion ringgit
acquired from business in Sarawak?

Last week, with shocking deceitfulness, Taib Mahmud announced in a video that he and his children have always avoided doing business in Sarawak:  
 “I don’t want conflict of interests to haunt me all the time.  If I do business inside the country, people will say I use my influence to enrich myself, so we did it outside the country.”
But, haunt him we will for the very reasons he spelt out!   Because, there is a mountain of evidence about the billions of ringgit, which are quite clearly on the record as having been siphoned out by the Mahmud family through their public banking activities alone.  All this business was done in Sarawak and Malaysia.
Taib Banks – how they do benefit from his influence
Take a look at UBG Bank (formerly Bank Utama), which was owned by the Taib family company CMS until November last year.  The Chairman of UBG was none other than Taib’s son, Abu Bekir, and his number two was Taib’s son-in-law (daughter Hanifah’s husband),  Syed Ahmen Alwee Asree. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jabu's son hands out crates of beer!

Gerald Rentap Jabu, son of the Deputy Minister has been going round the longhouses of his Dad's constituency handing out crates of beer! This is to make them so drunk they vote for his Dad again, of course. 

They would have to be drunk, because much of their land has already been taken by the BN Government and handed to the Jabus under the companies Durafarm, Herba Aromatics and others. 

Deputy Chief Minister Jabu has been handing RM 500 per door!

BN Deputy Chief, Alfred Jabu, is going round handing out naked bribes to his longhouse constituents! He is stuffing RM 500 in notes into the hands of each family head in return for their votes! It is not illegal for them to accept such money, but it is definitely illegal for them to sell their votes, so we suggest that they vote for another party to avoid any danger of being accused of selling their votes. 

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan hands out fake land titles!

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan knows his contituents have been waiting for decades and decades to get land titles for their lands under BN. So he has been going round PRETENDING to offer them land titles for their lands. For example in Kampung Pujut and Pandang Kerbau, he turned up with food and parcels and threw a party and handed people what he said were land titles. But they were actually given only a letter pending approval! The letter explains that the terms and conditions for giving the land titles will be conveyed to them later - ie AFTER the election! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Mohammad Ali Mahmud - the CM's YB businessman brother!

Corrupt Barisan Nasional - Another Mahmud brother, another land grabber!  Taib was hardly going to leave his brother Ali out of the party.  After all Mohammad Ali bin Mahmud, is also slaving away as a State YB for Muara Tuang and a stalwart of Taib’s PBB (part of BN).
However, Ali has clearly been anxious to disguise his involvement in the land grabs.  Could it be that he thinks that it could be regarded as wrong by his voting constituents?


Corrupt Barisan Nasional: There is a sprinkling of  Sarawakian women who have gone into the plantation business according to the land records.  One can’t help noticing how well-connected they are!
For example Datin Thersa Toyat, who is a relative of the Chief Minister.  Theresa is also married to the former State Secretary and CEO of the company managing SCORE (Taib’s pet development concept) Wilson Baya Dandot.  In such an important position Dandot should of course avoid conflicts of interest, so presumably this is why the large plantation way over in the Baram region is registered in the name of his wife?
Proper spelling is Theresa Toyat (according to the Register of Companies). Theresa's daughter owns 10% of Amazing Greens and Theresa herself 90%
Theresa is also the highly successful owner of the company Saredah Sdn Bhd (which is the address given for Amazing Green).  Saredah is a cleaning company and has managed to get many lucrative contracts handling the cleaning of state government buildings and offices!