Monday, April 4, 2011

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan hands out fake land titles!

Deputy Chief Minister George Chan knows his contituents have been waiting for decades and decades to get land titles for their lands under BN. So he has been going round PRETENDING to offer them land titles for their lands. For example in Kampung Pujut and Pandang Kerbau, he turned up with food and parcels and threw a party and handed people what he said were land titles. But they were actually given only a letter pending approval! The letter explains that the terms and conditions for giving the land titles will be conveyed to them later - ie AFTER the election! 

This is George Chan's attempt at blackmail, making the villagers fear that if they do not vote for him he will not grant them the land after all. Those villagers should bear in mind that BN has in fact already given much of this land to their Samling cronies, so they won't get it after the election whether or not they vote BN and make George Chan happy! 

He is just misleading them. Better to vote PR, which is committed to giving the native people's a right to their land and returning the land taken illegally from them by greedy and deceiving BN politicians. 

PR is led by lawyers like Baru Bian, Wong Ho Leng and Harrison Ngau, who have fought to help the people keep their landrights for the past 20 years and more - they have proved that they can be relied to help them get their land titles, unlike George Chan and his BN landgrabber colleagues! In the last photograph a man who has been waiting decades for his land title is disappointed with his letter. 

Time for him to re-think his government.

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