Monday, April 4, 2011

Deputy Chief Minister Jabu has been handing RM 500 per door!

BN Deputy Chief, Alfred Jabu, is going round handing out naked bribes to his longhouse constituents! He is stuffing RM 500 in notes into the hands of each family head in return for their votes! It is not illegal for them to accept such money, but it is definitely illegal for them to sell their votes, so we suggest that they vote for another party to avoid any danger of being accused of selling their votes. 

Meanwhile, Jabu is guilty of election bribery every time he does this, which is a serious offence - so GET YOUR MOBILE PHONE CAMERAS OUT take the pictures and record the moment and send it to us here on Beat the Cheats!! And remember, longhouse folk, these RM 500 are taken from your own money. As Chairman of Salcar Jabu should have been paying NCR landowner members of the scheme around RM 10,000 per hectare per year - not the pathetic RM 1,500 he announced as a special 'bumper' payment for the election (another illegal bribe). 

He owes all the longhouse folk thousands and thousands each, not just a miserable RM 500. So get in a government that pays you fairly EVERY year, not BN who cheat you every year and then give you a little bit more in election year!

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