Sunday, May 23, 2010

Professionally Killed @ Professional Killers

What kind of a government sends in highly trained and armed Special Forces against the people whom they promised to protect?

By Hakim Joe

One can rebuild burnt down buildings, clear the debris, reopen the closed down businesses, recall the army and bring back tourism. But how can one resurrect the dead?

For those who lost their lives in what was initially deemed a peaceful demonstration against a central government without mandate, will their ultimate sacrifices be worth it? Will the forfeiture of their lives bring about the goal that they so urgently sought?

What kind of a government sends in highly trained and armed Special Forces against the people whom they promised to protect? Who ordered the platoon of APC against a group of common citizens? What kind of government reneges on its promise after successfully assassinating the opposition’s military leader?

So many questions that beget answers that are not forthcoming. To legalize and condone the brutal killing by employing professional military snipers to kill off intended targets from afar, all one has to do is to amend certain words utilized to identify these individuals. Instead of calling them “protesters”, all they needed in justifying their lethal deeds was to revise it to “terrorists” and terrorist equates legal targets.

Bang. Now you are dead. Next target please.

So tell me, what kind of weapons were utilized by these professional killers to end the lives of another person? Was it a reliable Sako single bolt action sniper rifle firing a .223 bullet with a Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3 X 14mm Leupold close-quarter scopes mounted on top or was it the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 (Prazisions Schutzen Gewehr) semi-automatic sniper rifle firing a standard 7.62mm NATO round? Was IR used to illuminate the targeting spot on the intended target’s head before the trigger was pulled? Were suppressors utilized to mask the sound of the rifle so as to conceal the positions of these professional killers?

Who determines the targets? Is wearing red and/or black sufficient justification to end up with a bullet in the head? According to most of the foreign journalists on site, nearly all the dead with two bullet holes in their heads were ordinary protesters and not the black-attired gunmen. Two holes are created by the utilization of full metal jacketed high velocity projectiles – one small entry wound, one large fatal exit wound.

One second you are a fully functional breathing human being capable of almost anything, the following second you are no longer of this world and only capable of filling up some hole in the ground.

Some might say that terrorists deserve death for revolting against a government. Is a demonstrator automatically being branded as a terrorist just because someone in the central government said so? Guruji? Aung San Suu Kyi? Nelson Mandela?

One question – who gave this current administration the mandate to rule the country to ? If one were to check the results of the last elections, one would find that the current administration is not the winning party. How then can one be termed as a terrorist when the same individual is protesting against someone who was never voted into office?

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