Saturday, August 27, 2011

MACC must show independence, not impotence

From Robert Phang, via e-mail
AG Gani Patail is again courting controversy by the revelation in Malaysia Today, which appeared on the Aug 24, 2011. If the allegation is not thoroughly investigated, it will be perceived badly by the Rakyat.
Malaysia Today produced documentary evidence of what appears to be AG Gani Patail receiving gratification to take sides in a corporate boardroom tussle in Ho Hup Construction Berhad.
Previously, photographs had already surfaced in various blogs of AG Gani Patail with that company’s previous managing director, Vincent Lye.

This revelation would surely destroy any residual credibility left about the AG Chambers. It appears that criminal prosecution is instituted at the whims and fancies of Gani Patail not on the basis of right or wrong but on might is right.
I have previously criticised Gani Patail over his Haj Trip with Tajudin Ramli’s proxy, one Shahidan Shafies. Instead of taking action against Gani Patail, alarmingly I was subjected to an immediate investigation by the MACC based on just a false allegation in an anonymous blog.

I was then publicly humiliated when the MACC Operations Evaluation Panel (OEP) chairman, Hadenan Abdul Jalil only conditionally cleared me. My demands for an unconditional and unequivocal clearance have yet to receive any response from the MACC.
The invoices, receipts and cheque shown in Malaysia Today do not require complex forensic accounting. These documents paint a thousand words of the alleged renovation works done for Gani Patail’s bungalow at Seremban 2 – Sri Carcosa.
These documents constitute clear evidence of corrupt gratification. The MACC must show independence and courage by acting swiftly to investigate this matter. To facilitate such an investigation, Gani Patail MUST immediately step down.
These are clear steps that must be taken to preserve the integrity of the AG’s Chamber and the Government. Otherwise, the MACC will be regarded as impotent and dare not take action against those in the corridors of power.
The BN Government of the day, now under the Premiership of Najib Tun Razak has to address and solve many issues. This revelation on Gani Patail will certainly further discredit Najib’s Government.
This is very serious more so that this is the month of Ramadan. The Rakyat needs to know and certainly Gani Patail, must enlighten the Rakyat on the truth or otherwise of this latest allegation against him.
Over to MACC. You need to do this investigation independently, without fear or favor and to not be impotent.
The writer is a Justice of Peace and chairman of Social Care Foundation

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