Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raja Nazrin defends monarchy against ridicule

KUALA KANGSAR, April 19 – The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah today said he would take on the primary responsibility of implementing all efforts to ensure that the institution of royalty which was core to the system of governance and nationhood in the country would continue to be protected.

“An offspring will not allow the dignity and sovereignty of a ruler to be ridiculed. As such the people must be conscious not to be hasty to throw the lamp away, as daylight too will end. “Let it not be that as night falls, people grope about directionless, blanketed in darkness without a lamp,” he said at the pledging of loyalty and awards ceremony in conjunction with the 81st birthday of the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah at Istana Iskandariah here today.

He said the Malay rulers were not just symbols in the country but that the Malay Sultanate had an important role as the centre of strength for the people.

Raja Nazrin said the administrative system with Malay Sultanate as its core had been in place for more than 600 years and had succeeded in developing a great culture and civilization.

He said the wisdom of royalty aided the developmental process of intellectuality and from the palace emanated great works of art in writings.

“The Malay rulers are the symbols of sovereignty – the symbols of citizens’ strength – the umbrella for the country’s crown. The Malay rulers give identity to the nation. “People who understand the culture of monarchy, will understand the philosophy of royal administration, the role of rulers, especially the role and responsibility of holding up national identity,” he said.

He said the continuity of a race and the face of a nation depended on factors that gave it identity from the aspects of institutions, religion, culture and language.

“Actions of insulting institutions, ridiculing institutions, fermenting hatred towards institutions are early steps in the movement towards abolishing the institutions – therefore abolishing the original identity of the country’s race.

“During the Cold War, such steps came from groups who held on to left-wing political doctrine and were categorised as subversives.

“In the name of the Cultural Revolution in China and communist indoctrination in Cambodia and Vietnam, children were incited to extreme levels, hating and making enemies of their own parents; religious leaders were criticised and places of worship destroyed; some places of worship turned into places to breed animals; leading to anarchy that had to be paid with lives and blood; and the social fabric destroyed,” he said.

Raja Nazrin said the world now faced waves of globalisation – waves that hit all borders – to break down cultural walls and possibly drowning national history.

He said the younger generation which was being hit by the globalisation waves should be wise to balance claims of tradition and demands of modernity.

He said there were some who believed that to progress, focus must be on a progressive culture and they said that traditions and history would cause backwardness in a static culture.

“Globalisation actually brings waves of new colonialism to drown the traditions of a country, wiping out original identity.

“People must be aware that not all that is traditional hinders progress as tradition that is interpreted wisely and intelligently can function to bring progress.

“The cultural elements that have been factors of unity till this day are priceless social capital that should be defended,” he said.

Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and three others headed the the list of 800 recipients of awards and medals in conjunction with Sultan Azlan Shah’s 81st birthday. – Bernama


warthog said...

itu hak dia untuk mempertahankan takhta dia, tetapi selagi kesultanan sendiri tidak dapat memuaskan rakyat dan memberi keadilan sebenarnya sukar untuk rakyat melihat kesultanan adalah sumber keadilan negara..

jika dia kata, disebabkan kebijaksanaan raja menyebabkan lahir keagungan melayu, tetapi disebab kekurangan kercerdikan pihak itu juga tanah melayu jatuh ketangan bangsa asing selama lebih 400 tahun..?? kalau baca sejarah, cuma kerana 1,000 dollar sebulan, tanah seluas perak diberi kepada british.. untuk diperintah

hussain said...

setakat nak bercakap,sapa2 pun boleh,,kenapa kes kt perak,mulut kunci rapat2,,,sedangkan bapanya seorang bekas ketua yg berkait ngan undang2,,janganlah nak tunjuk bijak lagi kerana rakyat tahu kuasa dan kekuatan rakyat dan tahu sejarah yg telah di putarbelitkan oleh tangan2 yg kemaruk kuasa,,,dah lama kami dibodohkan dengan bahasa langit,konon.selidik balik sejarah,,,siapa mereka2 ini yang memakai ayat2 yg layak untuk TUHAN seluruh ALAM...kalu makhluk,,,sifat yg ada kt kit hanya,bodo,lemah,hina,miskin,,yg berlawanan sifat,,,hanya ALLAH TAALA...tunggu dialam pembalasan nanti,,tau lee mulia kamu kt mana?