Friday, October 1, 2010

Najib's RM20 million plot

KUALA LUMPUR (Harakahdaily) - Self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has revealed a document on his Malaysia Today website, said to be an investigation paper by the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

Among others, the document dated December 10, 2008, appears to confirm allegations that Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Kulim state assemblyman Lim Soo Nee had been offered RM5 million to leave his party in 2008 as part of a plot to bring down the Pakatan Rakyat state government through defections.

Writing in his column ‘Corridors of Power’, Petra published the "Initial Investigation Report" by the ACA into complaints by Lim.

The focus of the investigation was on former Kedah Menteri Besar Mahadzir Khalid and a middleman named Tan Siew Yak.

In Lim's complaint to the agency, he claimed that a friend, Ah Thong, had invited him to meet Tan at a restaurant in Kulim on April 11, 2008, in which Tan had relayed a message from Mahadzir to seek his "cooperation" to switch parties.

Lim said he was promised an initial offer of RM4 million, which Tan said could be increased to RM5 million if Lim was not satisfied.

Detailing the investigation process, the ACA document said Tan allegedly said he could arrange a meeting between Lim, Mahadzir and Najib Razak, who was then the Deputy Prime Minister, claiming that a PAS state representative and five others from PKR had agreed to defect.

Tan had also advised Lim on how to receive the piles of cash, by opening a safe deposit box.

Among other offers, Lim was also informed that he would be appointed as director in several listed companies, and that the money in the safe deposit box could be cleared at the end of the year when directors receive their bonuses.

He was also told that Najib would be bringing RM20 million in cash during his visit to Kulim later.

The series of persuasions lasted several months, according to the document.

The investigation concluded that a meeting between Lim and Mahadzir had taken place on September 9 that year at Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya, and an audio-video recording was made by the agency's Intelligence Division.

“Headquarters Intelligence Division has made an audio and video recording in the hotel room.

"It was YB Khalid Mahazir who came to see A1 [Lim Soo Nee]. He verified that the ‘offered money’ of RM5 million and if A1 wanted more, he could discuss with Datuk Seri Najib.

"A1 was also informed that if he jumped to BN, he would get a few projects," added the report, saying the case has been transferred to ACA's headquarters for further action.

“The case, however, was finally marked NFA (No Further Action),” said Petra, adding that this was another proof that the ACA, now renamed as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), was set up to act as a component party for Barisan Nasional.

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