Saturday, October 9, 2010

Malaysian UMNOlephant Fight

Nazir goes to war and Najib may lose

1. Najib's weak link is not his wife but his youngest brother Nazir Razak, the wonder banker who can do no wrong and who says he does not need help.

2. Nazir sits on the EPF investment panel, nd guess what? He has been pushing for EPF to get involve in projects with his clients.

3. All the while Azlan Zainol the big man at epf is keeping silent because he does not want to upset Najib and reducing his chances of getting renewed.

4. But Azlan cannot hold his peace anymore.

5. It is confirmed that Azlan will leave next year so he is telling anyone who will listen and complaining about how Nazir has been using Jibby's influence to push through investments important to cimb and nazir while sitting on the epf investment panel.

6. Same story at Ministry of Finance. Datuk Puteh, Datuk Zulaikha and the secretary-general of treasury Tan Sri Aziz have been conducting a whispering campaign against Nazir n CIMB.

7. They say they feel pressured to give CIMB all the MOF's business, the latest being the rm800 million Sukuk Bonds.

8. Whenever word spreads that MOF is thinking of spreading the business to other banks, they get a call from Nazir or one of his guys at cimb, dropping big brother's name.

9. With elections around the corner, Najib is courting disaster by making civil servants angry at the growing influence of his brother.

10. Worse still Nazir feels slighted by Dr Mahathir and has started a campaign to discredit the former pm and block any investments from Mahathir's cronies like Syed Mokhtar and Daim Zainuddin.

11. To go to war with Dr Mahathir, he has the help of his good friend Khazanah boss Azman Mokhtar.

12. Azman will block Syed Mokhtar's bid for UEM and has also blocked Daim's move to privatise PLUS.

13. Nazir is upset Dr Mahathir blasted him for questioning the NEP.

14. He is also upset that mahathir has started digging up info on the billions in fees cimb has made in pushing deals at the expense of the country.

15. At a meeting two weeks ago, Mahathir told Najib that Nazir was a weak link.

16. Now Nazir is hitting back, funding a campaign to discredit Mahathir.

17. He has hired international pr outfit to dig up dirt on Mahathir and his son, Mokhzani.

18. This has consequences for Najib because he may be old but Dr Mahathir is a fighter.

19. Now that Nazir is gunning after Dr Mahathir, there is nothing stopping Dr Mahathir from unleashing hell on Nazir and his protector Najib.

~~ From: suara keadilan pribumi

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