Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let God deal with Taib Mahmud

Corrupt Barisan Nasional : From Alan Newman, NZ. Via e-mail
Taib Mahmud, cunning as you are, you would have moved funds from Switzerland long ago. What about these:
Were timber concession all over Sarawak awarded by clear, public, gazette tenders for maximum returns to the state? Or just dished out to your cronies?
The RM5-10 billion yearly in timber exports in the last 40 years? Totaling RM200-400 billion.
The RM2-9 billion yearky in oil palm exports in the last 15 years? Totaling RM30-135 billion

The numerous blocks of land snatched up for various crops and developments, worth billions of ringgit.
Your cousin Hamed Sepawie (Sanyan, Naim, etc) is in Malaysia’s rich-list.
The numerous projects awarded to your CMS group and cronies totalling billions.
The resources and benefits fleeced, ‘sharked’ and swallowed by your family members and cronies.
The dozens of companies under your vicious wings straddling the globe.
The shipping levies collected from timber export in the last 30 years.
The billions of RM worth of real estate in various countries.
The death of Swiss activist Bruno Manser
The mental, psychological and physical torture of your former USA a ide Ross Boyert for revelations, and his eventual death.
The gems, jewels and diamonds around your relatives’ neck and bodies.
Your Rolls Royce, and your mansions and all your cronies’ mansions.
The vote-buying and rigging of elections.
The deception of the people for three decades.
This magnitude of you corruption is mind-boggling and astronomical. You and your cronies have stolen mega billions and caused the poverty and misery of millions of people.
Let God deal with you, and deal with anyone who dares to support you or even speak a word in your favour. Everyone just watch!
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Alan Newman said...

NZ news: corrupt Malaysian loggers…Hamed Sepawie, Taib’s Cousin…concessions granted without public tender. Sepawie’s Naim is benefitting massively from state contracts, and Sarawak Energy is the state's power supply monopolist.

The Bruno Manser Fund and the Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, are calling on the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) to suspend its cooperation with the Malaysian Ta Ann group for its close association with the Taib family, one of South East Asia's largest corruption networks.
…close association with the Malaysian Taib family, one of South East Asia's largest corruption networks". Ta Ann is also mentioned for being "the major driver for high conservation value forest destruction" in Tasmania.
…the Taib family has damaged the tropical rainforests of Borneo in unprecedented ways and is responsible for the systematic disposession of Sarawak's indigenous communities.
Ta Ann is one of 49 companies blacklisted by the Bruno Manser Fund for its close links with the Taibs. The company is controlled by Hamed Sepawi, a cousin of the Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud ("Taib") and by Wahab Dolah, a Member of the Malaysian Parliament for Taib's party, PBB.

"All these concessions have been granted by Ta Ann chairman Hamed Sepawi's cousin without public tender. Ta Ann's wealth is thus entirely based on corruption and its chairman continues to be one of Taib's closest business cronies and allies." Apart from chairing Ta Ann, Hamed Sepawi is also head of Naim Cendera, a construction company that is benefitting massively from Sarawak state contracts, and chairman of Sarawak Energy, the state's power supply monopolist.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates & Warren Buffet give a chunk of their (self-made, hard-earned money) multi-billions to charity. They didn't even get a 'Sir' or 'Datuk'. Here you have a giant criminal rotten to the core, stealing from the state & people who elected him, and you honour him with 'Tan Sri, Datuk, Pehin, Patinggi, Abang....' Laughing Stock! Outrageous, disgrace. He should have been in jail years ago, and you are tolerating him day after day!