Monday, June 13, 2011

Why are Umno and Zul Nordin so afraid of Bersih 2.0

Corrupt Barisan Nasional : On July 9, there will be a rally in the Malaysian capital. It is called the BERSIH rally. It is peaceful demonstration to promote free and fair elections. But the UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia calls the rally ‘dirty’.
Can’t Utusan read Malay? If the rally is called ‘Kotor’, will Utusan then say that the rally is Clean? Already 13 police reports have been lodged, mostly by the UMNO Youth Wing, Perkasa, Abim and others. They called it dirty and un-Islamic. How can the ‘Bersih’ Rally be un-Islamic?
They continue to say that PAS is not Malay or Muslim, PAS members did not vote for change and that the Ulamak in PAS were against the Rally. Before PAS was branded as an extremist Islamic Party, and now they say that PAS and the Bersih Rally is un-Islamic.

Scared UMNO
Why does the government have so much fear of the Bersih Rally? Is it because they are afraid to accede to demands for a freer and fairer election?
And that Zulkifli Nordin, the MP for Kulim Bandar Baharu, the more he opens his mouth the more the public thinks he’s nuts. Sincere apologies to all the innocent nuts like Macadamia, Peanuts, Hazel or Cashew. Just to let everyone know, no intention to hurt or abuse any nuts in this article, except Zul - for being so annoying!
When once, we had actually thought of him as a potential national leader, his speech has now betrayed his reputation. Sad to say, he is nothing but a racist slime ball. Totally ignoring the non-Malay role in nation building, he is calling on Malays to disallow the non-Malays from gaining a foothold in Malaysian politics.
But to be fair, he has always been reputed for his nonsensical speeches in the past. His racial undertones include: “Some Malays are willing to be used by this illegal gathering that is led by former Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreevanasan, an organisation that has fought strongly against Islam. But to fulfil their lust for power, these Malays are willing to become insects blinded by the false light of power. Malay-Muslims will become weak and damaged due to their own dirty hands.”
And to top it all he continues: “The biggest mistake made by Malays was when they were too enthusiastic for independence and sacrificed Tanah Melayu citizenship to foreign races (Chinese and Indians).”
But he did say one thing that was factually correct: that the Malays have total control of Parliament. If all 130 Malay MPs in Parliament were to unite, there will be total Malay control. But he forgets to stress that it will actually be the Malays and Islam that will lose out if this happens. Even God won’t want to see it happen!
The nature of Zul Noordin
For sure, UMNO is not going to field him in the next election. So why is he so worried about the Bersih rally? Does he harbour a faint hope that UMNO may have forgotten his amphibious qualities? With his total loss of credibility even UMNO will avoid him like the plague. Tell me, who trusts a frog? Especially one that croaks through his nose.
Everyone knew that his exit from PKR occurred a little too late, and was badly timed. UMNO had enough frogs and didn’t need another extra frog. You see, frogs don’t come cheap anymore these days.
The loud sigh of relief from everyone in PKR was unmistakable when he was finally sacked. Hundreds if not thousands of members remarked; good riddance to bad rubbish!
Since then, he has been trying very hard to suck up to the ruling elite with all kind of circus antics. And all this, while he still dares to declare that he is an Independent MP.
And like Utusan, he thinks that it is un-Islamic to have a free and fair election. We knew he won fairly while under the PKR banner, so why is he against the Bersih rally? Is it Islamic of him to support a flawed election?
Like all frogs with a prepared exit speech; he cited disappointment with PKR’s struggles and even stressed that his Islamic beliefs were compromised. But now that PAS, a bona fide Islamic Party is involved in the Bersih Rally, he decides to call the Rally un-Islamic. When is he going to make up his mind?
Does he think UMNO will credit him for winning the next election?
Najib needs quick GE to boost his hand in UMNO
Yes, chances are still for UMNO to win this election. But not in the blaze of glory that Najib wants. No two-thirds majority or even a 'solid' win. There may even be a hung Parliament.
Which is why UMNO needs PAS. To ensure their two-thirds victory and in the event of massive voter rejection, to form a unity government to rule the country.
Next sizzler is that the identity of the person in the Datuk T Sex Video will be released very soon, and it will shock the nation. Or so, UMNO thinks. Sad to sad, it is likely to boomerang again and hit Najib where it hurts most.
But back to the Bersih Rally next month, UMNO has concluded its blue print for the next GE. It does not want this Rally to thwart its carefully laid out plans, like the demands for a 21-day campaigning period, or the usage of indelible ink. UMNO plans to use the same dubious strategies as in the concluded Sarawak Election to win.
Najib, for many reasons, wants get the GE over with as soon as possible. Then only can he get down to consolidating his power in UMNO. The GE will affect candidates in all factions of the party. The survivors will determine if Najib goes or stay.

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