Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Umno Youth chief proposes RM200 cash gift

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth has proposed that the Government gives a one-off RM200 cash gift for the firstborn of all families as an initial deposit to the National Education Savings Scheme Fund.

The movement also proposed that the Government gives a special discount for the purchase of national cars to first-time parents who have yet to own a car.

These are among the list of initiatives proposed by the movement to help alleviate problems faced by those who have only recently begun working and started their own families.

With numerous responsibilities to bear, including paying off study loans and looking after ageing parents, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the Government should provide certain incentives in order for these people to get a good head start.

In his first address at the Umno Youth annual general assembly on Wednesday, Khairy said the Government should also set up a fund to give housing loans with the lowest interest rates for the first few years upon marriage so that newlyweds could afford their own home.

The Government, he added, should also offer vouchers to parents with infants for purchases such as milk and diapers.

He said as an inclusive party, Umno Youth wanted to be the voice of the younger generation within and outside the party.

"This is what people-friendly should mean in Umno Youth," he said, adding that the list, which had been put forward by the movement in the run-up to the tabling of the 2010 Budget, was specifically geared to the needs of young people.

He said other suggestions include urging the Government to ensure increased job opportunities, especially in strategic sectors like service, information technology and biotechnology.

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