Saturday, January 31, 2009

500000 Malaysians banned from travelling overseas - Malaysiakini

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 31 — Thirteen per cent of Malaysians holding valid international passports have been put on the list of individuals banned from travelling overseas by the Immigration Department.

Department director-general Datuk Mahmood Adam advised people to check from its website to see whether they are on the list before making any travel arrangement.

He said people could check the list with effect from February.

He said in an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily that among the 6.7 million holders of valid international passports in the country, about 500,000 or 13 per cent have been blacklisted by the department.

He said these people either have not paid their income tax and PTPTN arrears, or are involved in criminal cases, bankruptcies, commercial conflicts, divorces or custody right cases.

Mahmood said passport holders can visit the department's website at

But to protect the passport holders' privacy, no information on the reasons for the ban would be provided online, as anyone could key in other people's MyKad numbers.

Those who have been banned from travelling overseas are advised to visit the nearest Immigration Department office to enquire why they have been put on the list. — Sin Chew Daily

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