Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrap Umno wings to fight graft - Malaysiakini

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno should revamp by abolishing the three main party wings and Putera Umno to ensure that corruption within the party is totally eradicated, the Umno disciplinary board said.

Its chairman Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen said the problem of money politics and vote-buying could be eradicated by making Umno a singular organisation.

He added that it had received information of money politics in Putera and Puteri Umno, but no report had been lodged with the board.

“Do we really need Puteri Umno and Putera Umno? The party also needs to consider Umno Youth and Wanita wings too.

“There is no women’s association in the Labour or Conservartive parties in England.

“When there are more contests, such problems (money politics) will continue to exist,” he added.

Tengku Ahmad advised Umno members to think of their responsibility to the party and the country.

“My feeling is that if you want to reduce the problem of money politics and contests for posts, it will be better if these wings were to be abolished.

“I must also say that the consequences of the quota system is very bad,” he told reporters at the Umno headquarters here Wednesday, referring to the fact that those who wish to contest in party polls had to get a certain number of nominations first.

Tengku Ahmad said that Puteri Umno and Putera Umno members were youngsters and teenagers. “They are too young. There’s no need to expose them to politics at too young an age.

“They need to concentrate on their studies and their careers. They shouldn’t get too involved in politics. It is not their time yet,” he said.

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