Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please accept me as MB. U make me laugh!

IPOH: Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir has appealed to the people to accept the Sultan of Perak’s decision to appoint him to rule the state.

Dr Zambry said he was aware that people were wondering whether he was truly the MB.

“I understand the question and I want to make it clear that I would not be here if my position was considered illegitimate and illegal.

“I ask from the heart that we show our readiness to the Sultan,” he said during his inaugural meeting with school principals and headmasters at the state secretariat here on Saturday.

Dr Zambry urged the people to not be overcome by emotion and to view the situation in an objective manner.

Saying he did not want to influence everyone, he called on them to look objectively at the actual causes behind the crisis recently taking Perak by storm.

“Please come to your senses. A person who is overcome by anger will not be able to come to the best decision. Let us show respect to the Sultan,” he added.

Dr Zambry added that he would not let the political crisis of the past few days, since he and his exco members were barred from assembly sittings, affect his duties as mentri besar.

Kah....Kah....Kah.....Kah...... What a Zombie !!!!!!!!!!


Yong said...

bodoh betul. That why Umno x ada belajaran

Yong said...

That why all UMNO member no brain. Go pray also scare.

Anonymous said...

this what these bastards say when they run out of ideas

1. Respect the Sultan
2. Jangan Cabar Kami
3. Ini hak Kami
4. Ini adalah kontrak sosial
5. jangan pertikaikan perlembagaan
6. cintailah bahasa malaysia
7. belilah barangan buatan malaysia'
8. you tak suka u boleh keluar
9. Anjing Keling
10 Cina Babi

Anonymous said...

Nowaday everything is getting expensive but

Dignity is getting dirt cheap !!

Anonymous said...

ahak ahak ahak !!!

Anonymous said...

Greedy and power to accept him when there is no election to prove that the majority supports him.

Anonymous said...

Can you pls stand on you own and stop using the sultan over and over again

Anonymous said...

Bapa ayam get your six chicken exco march them to your Sultan and cry blame the raykat still do not accept you as the MB.

Anonymous said...

Bolih bertanding dalam rancangan "Raja Lawak ".
bersama orang minyak muncul dengar seluar dalam berlari dan kejar keliring dengan rentak lagu- Masih kau ingat....dan lagu sama sama menjejak mimpi..

Anonymous said...

Correct , correct , correct...

making use of Sultan only..

tak ada cara lain lagi ke ??

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!! You make me laugh.

UMNO = Untuk Monyet No Otak. Crybabies