Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro-Robbers Groups Protest - Malaysiakini

IPOH: Groups of people took to the streets in the states of Malacca and Perak to pledge their support for the Sultan of Perak and to hit out at Pakatan Rakyat leaders for contemplating legal action against him.

Hundreds gathered here at the car park of the Perak Umno headquarters on Sunday. They were planning to the Istana Kinta to show their support for Sultan Azlan Shah, but police managed to disperse the crowd.

The gathering was organised by Barisan Bertindak Perpecahan Melayu Malaysia (Malay Unity Bastard Front of Malaysia), whose president Mr. Idiot Osman Abu Bakar called for all Malays to disregard their political beliefs and stand united behind the Robbers

They carried banners with slogans such as “Daulat Tuanku (Long live your majesty)”, “Lucutkan Kerakyatan Karpal Singh (Revoke Karpal Singh’s citizenship)” and “Nizar menderhaka (Nizar is treacherous).”


At about 11.15am, the group prepared to march to Istana Kinta about 300m away, but Ipoh OCPD ACP Azisman Alias stepped in to interrupt the proceedings.


“You can gather here because it is a private compound but I cannot allow you to march to the palace. It is a public road out there, and we have closed the road for four days for security reasons.

“So please cooperate and keep the gathering here,” he told the crowd.

The organisers obeyed ACP Azizman’s directive and asked the crowd to stay within the premises of the Umno building.

In MALACCA, hundreds of youths from Umno and the Malaysian 4B Youth Movement held a demonstration to protest the statement by DAP national chairman Karpal Singh that Pakatan Rakyat was considering taking legal action against the Sultan.

The hour-long protest at noon Sunday saw several passing motorists honking in support.

Malacca 4B youth chairman Nohd Nizar Omar said the joint protest showed that youths here were against the opposition leadership, in particular Karpal who has called into question the Sultan’s power.

“Malacca may not have a Sultan anymore but we have to be taught to uphold the second tenet of the Rukun Negara that calls for loyalty towards the rulers,” he said.

He claimed that Karpal’s statement was tantamount to treason and he should be taken to task for it.

Karpal was quoted at a press conference on Friday as saying that the legal action should be regarded as a reminder that the Ruler was required to act within the confines of the Perak Constitution.

His statement was made with regard to Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir’s appointment as Perak Mentri Besar.

Melaka Tengah Umno youth deputy chief Shahadan Othman called on the authorities to take action against Karpal as his statement could cause “racial discord.”

“The Sultan is highly revered by all. His (Karpal’s) statement is seen as a challenge against Malay rights and this could lead to racial tension,” he added.

Police later dispersed the group which then accompanied Shahdan to lodge a report against Karpal at the Melaka Tengah district police station.


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They are just a bunch of Zombies behaving like chickens without heads. Throw them to the garbage trucks and buried them.

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Jangan lah marah. Kan sekarang ramai tak ada kerja dan ramai lagi akan tak ada kerja.