Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News: Malacca PWD being sealed - Malaysiakini

MALACCA: The Malacca Public Works Department is being sealed by way of a court order for failing to release RM4.5mil balance payment to a subcontractor involved in a RM54mil-bridge project.

Tropical Profile Sdn Bhd sought the court order after it finished in 2003 building seven bridges, which were part of a larger RM250mil-road project.

Malacca PWD awarded the RM240mil project to a main contractor, a consortium made up of Revolutionary Technology Sdn Bhd, Seri Siantan Sdn Bhd, Al-Joffrie, which then subcontracted part of that project to Central Effective Sdn Bhd.

Central then subcontracted the RM54mil bridge project to Tropical. Tropical received RM49.5mil from Central which then told Tropical that the remaining RM4.5 was retained by Malacca PWD.

Tropical then obtained a court order ordering PWD to make the payment within seven days but PWD refused saying the order was defective.

Three court bailiffs from Malacca High Court arrived at 10am with Tropical lawyers and senior management are now sealing the office located at Jalan Tun Seri Lanang. The Malacca PWD is expected to be sealed by 3pm.

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saji said...

Defective because the contract had been twice total sub-letted or "dialibabakan"?